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Technology has turned the world into a worldwide town with regards to easily linking people from different countries and cultures. In the digital era, sharing information is much easier than it ever has been before. Each year, brand-new tools and technologies emerge, and the marketing technology landscape and corresponding digital marketing activities must be adjusted accordingly. Relying on what once worked is not enough. Let us help you get your business in front of your target audience.

The very first step in winning this fight is to choose the right keywords – a top tip – target keywords that have intent, have volume and unless you have significant budget, words with low competition, as these can bring you quality leads, especially when paired with detailed, quality material. Combine this with a practical linking structure approach, and you can quickly turn search engine optimisation (SEO) into an effective and active channel for promoting your business, service and products. Recognise, however, not all linking is equal, and some tactics are harmful to your website. Don’t let your website be compromised by a dubious link building strategy. While you probably don’t want to get too closely involved with what your digital marketeers are doing, are you satisfied that your digital agency‘s SEO is helping your business? 

Link building is core and should not need to be difficult. When done correctly, as part of an overarching digital strategy, it will deliver results. Think of this as a marathon rather than a sprint. Quality links, with relevant and meaningful content, is the key. 

Google’s search algorithm is continually being updated and revised. Like all search engines, their objective is to provide relevant content that meets the search criteria. Not surprisingly, the aim being for suitable material comprised of quality content.   

Bert (released 25 Oct 2019) and shortly to be followed with further core updates in 2020, uses natural language processing; it’s designed to help Google better understand the language people are using when searching. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will continue apace.

9 Top Tips – Internet Marketing For Small & Medium Sized Business During a Pandemic

Online Marketing For SMEs Owners During a Crisis

Practical & Immediate Steps For SME Owners In London

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If you’re short of time, this is the summarised version of our 9 top tips for effective digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses during a pandemic. The fuller version can be viewed by clicking on the following link immediately below

==> Internet Marketing Tips For SMEs During A Crisis < ==

Struggling with whether or how to continue your digital marketing in the current climate? The following 9 top tips will help you.

The phrase, “May you live in interesting times”, often attributed to being an interpretation of a traditional Chinese curse, but believed to be from an analysis of a speech in the late-19th-century, by Joseph Chamberlain, couldn’t be more true today. We’re unquestionably living in uncertain and unprecedented times, at least in modern memory, where there are challenges to both our personal and business lives. However, this shouldn’t mean that things have to stop, instead, for now at least, we need to do things differently. The way we conduct our business, how we communicate with our teams, our customers, our family and friends needs to be adjusted. It’s not business as usual. There will be a new norm. 

Whether your company has briefly stopped all business, has chosen or been encouraged to work remotely, how you approach your digital marketing presence will have changed in reaction to this present health crisis.

Whether you’re managing your own internet marketing activity or you’ve engaged a digital marketing company, the following’s a list of 9 tips, for how SME business owners across London and the Home Counties can continue to market their products or services.

Cutting straight to the chase:

9 Top Tips:

  1. Recognise that things are different for your clients – advise your clients that you’re there for them. You “have their backs”.
  2. Communicate – if you’ve changed what you’re doing or when, inform your customers. Keep messaging, clear, concise and accurate.
  3. Provide Value – this was never truer than now.
  4. Running Paid Advertising – check any running paid ads – click-through rates (CTRs) may have changed, and not for the better!
  5. Copy / Extensions – make sure your ad copy and any extensions are appropriate. It’s sensitive to people concerns.
  6. SEO – consider allocating resource to review/enhance your on and off-page material.
  7. Optimise for multiple channels – ensure you’re able to engage with your market, consistently across each digital platform.
  8. Collect Data – who’s visiting, where they go, what they do. This will inform your ROI.
  9. Recognise when you need help – no business is an island. When you need help, ask for it.

That’s the short version! 

To watch the full version, click on the following link
==>> Internet Marketing Tips During A Crisis <<===

This pandemic will pass, business will continue, albeit, probably in a new normal. We all need to ensure that we’re engaging with and providing value to our existing and potential clients.

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Digital Marketing Services for Small Businesses – 2020

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Content Marketing for Local Firms

All business, irrespective of size, service and product, require a digital marketing strategy. The challenge for the small business is usually one of how and where to allocate budget. If you’re trying to do this yourself, in addition to managing the business, it’s a false economy. As a business owner, your time is better spent building and managing the business, rather than in the business. Hire resource or outsource those latter activities; it will give a better return on investment. 

The web makes marketing accessible for all sizes of company, and these online resources can spread your brand, services and products across your industry. The applications on the market in 2020 provide new possibilities for small and large businesses alike. They also go some way to levelling the proverbial playing field! There is a wide range of services that online agencies can deliver.

With more than a decade’s experience, we will improve the ROI for your small-to-midsize organisation (SMEs). To maximise 2020, here are 8 web-based marketing services for small companies. If you’d like to talk with a local marketing business company before continuing reading, please email us at 

8 services an online agency can offer

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – this is a fundamental aspect of being found online. There are both “on-page” and “off-page” factors to manage. 
  2. Digital marketing blueprint design – this defines a holistic strategy and plan to establish and build or enhance your digital presence. 
  3. Competitor Analysis – this provides insight as to what is driving traffic to your competitors, any online advertising for which they’re paying and gaps in the market.
  4. Social media management – as the name implies, managing the interaction and engagement with your target market. There are multiple platforms; some will be more appropriate for your business than others. It’s critical to engage with your audience, providing the material that they will value. Self-promotion or content that comes across as such is very much frowned upon.
  5. Email marketing campaigns – whether sending e-newsletters or running campaigns, there is a right and wrong way. If you take nothing else away from this article, do not buy email lists.  
  6. Paid Advertising/Pay Per Click (PPC) – Google and Facebook are the primary sites, and both have their strengths.   
  7. Website: There are multiple elements from the underlying architecture, to the content and user-experience to consider. It’s imperative that you have full control over your digital assets. Don’t rely on someone else, because, if you transgress their policies, you could find yourself locked out temporarily or permanently. Your account could even be deleted. 
  8. Integrated Marketing: integrating the aforementioned services, to provide a holistic approach.  

Online marketing services can support your business; however, it takes more than just access to the tools to strengthen your markeing a generate leads. The competence of the individuals behind the software is just as crucial to the results. The team at Digital Marketing Surrey provides the tools and skilled group to increase your online marketing activities, and our custom digital marketing bundles include lead-boosting features and trustworthy strategies.  Contact us via:

5 steps that you can take to improve your presence:

  1. Google My Business: For a local business, this is vital. Make sure that you’ve claimed your Google My Business page; this is free and quick to do. You have two options, record your physical location or if you prefer not to – you may work from home or offer your service away from your office, select, “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their locations.”  With this, when people search for your service or product either “near me” or in a specific location, your business will appear.
  2. Guest blogging: is one of the very best methods to build links. Identify sites that are related to your business and who accept guest submissions. This is important for increasing your site’s page rank through search engine authority as well as playing a major function in creating leads. Like many things, recognise that not all links are equal. 
  3. SEO: As mentioned earlier, there are on and off-page activities. A couple of quick and simple steps for “on-page”:
    1. keywords: check that the keywords for which you want to rank on Google, Bing et al, are not over-optimised (i.e. appear too frequently on the page; as a rule of thumb, aim for less than 5%)
    2. content is appropriately strucutred. Has key headings and sub-headings.
    3. Do not be tempted by “Black Hat SEO” techniques as these are an invitation to ruin your digital presence and your website. Google is continually refining its tools, increasing the use of AI and machine learning; if it deems that you’ve used such practices, it’ll strike your website from its search pages making you invisible to new customers and clients – this means a loss of leads and sales. To disavow your site takes time, money and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be given the all-clear at the end.
  4. Website: If you’ve not yet set up a website, there are many services offering to host your site and some use “drag and drop” features to build out the website’s appearance. This can appear a relatively quick, simple and inexpensive way to get started; it often means that you don’t have the same control as you would with your own built site and more costs will be incurred later. Equally:
    1. ensure that your site is user-friendly and mobile-friendly; it’s clear, easy to navigate and displays properly on mobiles/tablets. Tell your visitors exactly how they should contact you; leave no room for ambiguity. 
    2. Page load speed is important. People are impatient, and if they have to wait, they’re likely to click and go somewhere else. If you have many pictures on your site, check that these are compressed to the smallest size possible or, presented on-screen quickly. A free, online tool to check the speed is Enter your URL and press enter. Results are typically available in less than a minute.
    3. SEO: there is a range of steps to check, firstly, what is referred to as “on-page” (i.e. content that’s on your website) and then, “off-page”, which refers to measures that relate to the website; a simple example of the latter is back-links.
  5. Platforms (e.g. Facebook; Instagram, Pinterest, Linked-In etc.): Consider your audience and where they go when surfing the web. If your business has lots of images, Instagram or Pinterest are good platforms, if videos are your thing, then video sites such as YouTube and Vimeo should take priority. Alternatively, if your audience is primarily on Facebook, focus on building and establishing your expertise and reputation there. All drive potential consumers to your website, increasing leads and sales. 

Digital marketing is a vital service tool for business all over the world. Take the next step and contact us today, via to discuss what you’d like to achieve.