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What Makes a Good Search Marketing Company?

Have a list of digital agencies in Surrey and at a loss to determine what makes a good search marketing company

Search Engine Marketing

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Be Clear on Your Marketing Requirements:

There are many to choose from, and you have more options than ever to get consumers online. But, there are a couple of issues with that– digital marketing methods are continually evolving, require time to understand, achieve, and action. The first step, invest some time upfront clearly setting out your requirements, the budget and timeframe. This is obvious, but, sometimes in the rush to get things done, the simple steps are overlooked. Be realistic. If you want a Rolls Royce, ensure that you have budgeted accordingly. Too often, demands are unrealistic, and this creates problems and issues all-round.

If you haven’t invested this time initially, any professional agency will ask you these questions at the outset as this enables them to determine if they can help you and have the capacity to undertake the work. If they don’t, take this as an early red flag. Equally, if they can’t do what you want, they should tell you.

In parallel with establishing your requirements, compile a list of local firms and any recommended. You now have the minimum needed to evaluate which one is the best fit for your business. If they can’t do what you need or there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right, bring matters to a close, professionally.

Keep checking out to get going! Online reviews are the quickest and most effective way to discover if a digital marketing company is worth its salt. Google’s often the primary trusted outlet for online reviews, and we recommend searching for the company or companies in question to see what their previous clients have stated about them.

Look for Online Reviews:

Review local Google results, as well as their social media accounts. This is essential as it will provide you with a couple of critical indicators right off the bat. Firstly, that they are a credible business; you want to see:

  1. posts – be this images, video or articles — all indicate a level of subject matter expertise; 
  2. Contact info – with a proper email address that reflects the business’s name and not one that’s @gmail or @yahoo; 
  3. A link to their website.  

Secondly, Google shows you real evaluations of the business right in the search results and is done according to a star ranking, which shows when you search locally, e.g. “digital marketing agency in <location>”, where, <location> is your area. Google may likewise pull star scores from Yelp, Facebook, or any other review site that lists the digital marketing business.

Regardless, this is an essential first step in evaluating any social marketing agency. You want to know that they can deliver the required objectives. 

Undoubtedly, the most significant red flag you can discover is a lot of unfavourable evaluations. If you see too many, or if the business’s average is below 4, it’s probably best to take a look at another media agency. 

Every competent digital marketing company will know that they can reduce the effects of the most unfavourable reviews by saying sorry, asking for information, and providing help to a complainant. If you see that a digital marketing agency does so, they’re showing a high level of maturity, responsibility, and responsibility for the customer’s problem — whether it’s warranted or not! If you find a lot of reviews but no interaction on their part, it’s best to scratch that company off your list.

The majority of digital marketing companies will host reviews somewhere on their website or social platforms, and they might even have reviews templated into the header or footer of their pages. Reviews vary since these are sincere minutes of appreciation on the part of the business’s customers. The digital marketing business could have fixed a significant problem for their customer, and the customer responds with recognition so notable that the team wishes to use it on their website.

Business culture and “fit”

As with any business, the organisation’s culture, maturity and professionalism will be shaped by the leadership team.

If that leader is detached, the digital marketing business itself most likely doesn’t have the mentality needed to get results for clients. On the other hand, if the business’s leader reveals a commitment to the practice of digital marketing, growing the business, and providing the very best service possible, then you can feel more comfortable working with the agency.

To summarise:

  • be clear on your requirements, be realistic with your budget and timeframe;
  • check out the agency’s reviews
  • ensure that there’s a good fit between you and the agency. There will be times when there are differences of opinion, and it’s easier to resolve these when those involved know it’s about the task rather than those involved.
  • ultimately, you need to be comfortable that the team can deliver the desired results

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