9 Top Tips – Internet Marketing For Small & Medium Sized Business During a Pandemic

Practical & Immediate Steps For SME Owners In London

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If you’re short of time, this is the summarised version of our 9 top tips for effective digital marketing for small and medium sized businesses during a pandemic. The fuller version can be viewed by clicking on the following link immediately below

==> Internet Marketing Tips For SMEs During A Crisis < ==

Struggling with whether or how to continue your digital marketing in the current climate? The following 9 top tips will help you.

The phrase, “May you live in interesting times”, often attributed to being an interpretation of a traditional Chinese curse, but believed to be from an analysis of a speech in the late-19th-century, by Joseph Chamberlain, couldn’t be more true today. We’re unquestionably living in uncertain and unprecedented times, at least in modern memory, where there are challenges to both our personal and business lives. However, this shouldn’t mean that things have to stop, instead, for now at least, we need to do things differently. The way we conduct our business, how we communicate with our teams, our customers, our family and friends needs to be adjusted. It’s not business as usual. There will be a new norm. 

Whether your company has briefly stopped all business, has chosen or been encouraged to work remotely, how you approach your digital marketing presence will have changed in reaction to this present health crisis.

Whether you’re managing your own internet marketing activity or you’ve engaged a digital marketing company, the following’s a list of 9 tips, for how SME business owners across London and the Home Counties can continue to market their products or services.

Cutting straight to the chase:

9 Top Tips:

  1. Recognise that things are different for your clients – advise your clients that you’re there for them. You “have their backs”.
  2. Communicate – if you’ve changed what you’re doing or when, inform your customers. Keep messaging, clear, concise and accurate.
  3. Provide Value – this was never truer than now.
  4. Running Paid Advertising – check any running paid ads – click-through rates (CTRs) may have changed, and not for the better!
  5. Copy / Extensions – make sure your ad copy and any extensions are appropriate. It’s sensitive to people concerns.
  6. SEO – consider allocating resource to review/enhance your on and off-page material.
  7. Optimise for multiple channels – ensure you’re able to engage with your market, consistently across each digital platform.
  8. Collect Data – who’s visiting, where they go, what they do. This will inform your ROI.
  9. Recognise when you need help – no business is an island. When you need help, ask for it.

That’s the short version! 

To watch the full version, click on the following link
==>> Internet Marketing Tips During A Crisis <<===

This pandemic will pass, business will continue, albeit, probably in a new normal. We all need to ensure that we’re engaging with and providing value to our existing and potential clients.

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