Digital Marketing in 2020

Technology has turned the world into a worldwide town with regards to easily linking people from different countries and cultures. In the digital era, sharing information is much easier than it ever has been before. Each year, brand-new tools and technologies emerge, and the marketing technology landscape and corresponding digital marketing activities must be adjusted accordingly. Relying on what once worked is not enough. Let us help you get your business in front of your target audience.

The very first step in winning this fight is to choose the right keywords – a top tip – target keywords that have intent, have volume and unless you have significant budget, words with low competition, as these can bring you quality leads, especially when paired with detailed, quality material. Combine this with a practical linking structure approach, and you can quickly turn search engine optimisation (SEO) into an effective and active channel for promoting your business, service and products. Recognise, however, not all linking is equal, and some tactics are harmful to your website. Don’t let your website be compromised by a dubious link building strategy. While you probably don’t want to get too closely involved with what your digital marketeers are doing, are you satisfied that your digital agency‘s SEO is helping your business? 

Link building is core and should not need to be difficult. When done correctly, as part of an overarching digital strategy, it will deliver results. Think of this as a marathon rather than a sprint. Quality links, with relevant and meaningful content, is the key. 

Google’s search algorithm is continually being updated and revised. Like all search engines, their objective is to provide relevant content that meets the search criteria. Not surprisingly, the aim being for suitable material comprised of quality content.   

Bert (released 25 Oct 2019) and shortly to be followed with further core updates in 2020, uses natural language processing; it’s designed to help Google better understand the language people are using when searching. Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms will continue apace.